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Because there are so few venues and options in university settings for people from different disciplines to engage with each other, The Center for Science and Society demonstrates impact by the sheer act of bringing people together from different disciplines to engage in substantive interdisciplinary research, projects, and dialogue.

Below are stories from people who have participated in the Center’s activities. They attest to the myriad ways that our activities have created new insights and partnerships.

Center Spotlight: Using Science To Help Society

Image of Noam and Ana

On the frontlines of the pandemic, the Columbia University community has developed new ways for science to help society, both locally and across the world. We spoke with two researchers who have transformed their work in order to help those in need.

Ana Pessoa Pinharanda became Project Manager of the Mask Reutilization Project. Noam Zerubavel volunteered at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Why did they join Columbia's COVID fight? What is life like as a volunteer? How has their previous research prepared them for these new roles? Read the full article to learn more. 

Center Spotlight: Students Imagine Life After COVID-19

Illustration of young people wearing masks together

We reached out to students across Columbia University to imagine how the world will look in 6-12 months, with or without a vaccine. As part of a generation of young adults who have grown up in an era of rapid technological advances and significant political and social change, and who were working and studying in NYC until the virus uprooted their lives, we were eager to hear their perspectives. 

See the full article with comments from undergraduate and graduate students in science and engineering, the social sciences, public health, and humanities. 

Co-Teaching Spotlight: Philosophy of Psychology

Image of book with mathematic equations

Interdisciplinary research and teaching are at the core of the Center for Science and Society’s mission. The next phase of our co-teaching initiative: providing grants to increase the number of interdisciplinary co-taught courses at Columbia. 

A new course this spring, “Philosophy of Psychology” pairs John Morrison, Associate Professor of Philosophy, and Raphael Gerraty, Presidential Scholar in Society and Neuroscience. Learn more about their thought process in developing it as well as their experiences co-teaching in the full article

Public Outreach Spotlight: New York's Science History

bridge over Harlem River

The Center is proud to support public outreach projects that showcase science history in New York City: Metropolis of Science and Confluence: The History of North American Rivers. Thanks to their user-friendly formats, both platforms encourage audiences to explore overlooked sites of scientific importance throughout the city. Our work-study student Ariana traveled to ten locations in Upper Manhattan and along the Harlem River.

Read about Ariana's journey from the "Fly Room" to the subway platform that doubled as a radiation laboratory in the full article.  

An Intergenerational Approach to Climate Change

The Reseach Cluster on Science and Subjectivity has launched the Tricentennial Project, a group of undergraduate students and professors exploring interdisciplinary and intergenerational responses to climate change. 

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