Science and Society Curriculum

The curriculum in Science and Society is an interdisciplinary collection of courses for students who wish to explore critical approaches to and societal implications of science, technology, health, and environment. 

Although not offered as a major or a minor for the 2022-23 academic year, the Center is working on a potential minor, which would cover the gaps in Columbia’s current offerings in Science and Technology Studies—a course of study available at many peer institutions. We anticipate that students will enroll in an introductory course and pursue a track, consisting of cross-listed courses, that is designed in consultation with Science and Society faculty. The introductory course was offered for the first time in spring 2023.

Unsettling Science
This course is an introduction to the interplay between science and society. Unsettling Science invites students to: ask big questions about science, interrupt preconceived ideas about what science is and who does it, and engage deeply with troubling social implications. By offering historical and contemporary perspectives, this course equips students with critical and methodological skills essential to exploring not only longstanding questions about the world but also urgent issues of our time. To do so, the course focuses on a series of fundamental questions that underpin the study of science and society from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives.

Below is a selection of relevant courses that may be used to fulfill the elective portion of the Science and Society track in the near future. For a full listing of all interdisciplinary classes across the university, please visit our interdisciplinary course listing page

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