Course Development Overview

This program supports the development and implementation of new undergraduate and graduate courses in the study of science and society. These interdisciplinary classes may be taught by a single instructor or co-taught. Examples might include an introductory-level history course that integrates the history of science with political history; a seminar on the philosophy of neuroscience; or a literature seminar focusing on scientific texts. Other areas of interest include interdisciplinary environmental studies, sociology, anthropology, politics, economics, technology, medicine, and public health, including in relation to race, gender, and sexuality. The competition is open to Core Lecturers and tenured or tenure-track faculty at Columbia University (including Barnard) in any discipline. Successful applicants receive a research allowance of $3,000 to be used for the development and teaching of the course over the following two years. Awardees must commit to teaching the course within two years of the start of the grant.

Grants awarded:

Course Development Grants are supported, in part, by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

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