Students Create the "Wading Through the Weeds" Zine

December 13, 2023
Wading Through the Weeds cover

This autumn, students in the undergraduate Anthropology class Against Dystopia created the zine, Wading Through the Weeds: Speculative Climate Justice Futures. The essays, letters, artwork, and poems in the collection grapple with what is possible to imagine otherwise given the crises and inequalities of the present. The zine represents a form of worldmaking: showcasing the generative possibilities and politics of collaboration, creativity, and the speculative in reimagining what the world can be.

up close image of zine binding.

The students decided to assemble the zine by hand and used online tutorials to learn the bookbinding process. The course is taught by the Center for Science and Society’s Climate Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow Dilshanie Perera.

Read the zine for yourself! For more information about the Against Dystopia class, or for a copy of the syllabus, please contact Dilshanie Perera at [email protected].