Co-Production of Climate Knowledge Grants Awarded

January 22, 2024
co-production of climate knowledge small grants awarded

The Center for Science and Society is thrilled to announce its first round of Community-Driven Co-Production of Climate Knowledge Small Grant awardees. 

Created as part of the Community-Driven Co-Production Earth Network (funded by the Columbia Climate School), this grant funds collaborative climate change projects between community groups/members of a local or Indigenous community and Columbia University affiliates. 

Over $23,000 in funds were awarded. Our 2023 recipients are

  • Cine gio Arte Sierra O'dam 2024 Art and Research Circuit led by Selene Galindo (filmmaker) and Renata Ruiz Figueroa (graduate student)
  • Co-Producing Knowledge of Climate Justice through Community Engagement Workshops led by Annie Carforo (Climate Justice Campaigns Coordinator at WE ACT for Environmental Justice) and Rex Koenig (undergraduate student)
  • Ewe: A Digital Archive on Afro-Brazilian Forest-Based Ritual Praxes led by Reginaldo de Oliveira, Rafael Mota, and Lucas Cidreira (Ilé Axé Torrun Gunan temple) and Chazelle Rhoden (graduate student)
  • Konuko La Loma: A Hub for Caribbean Ancestral Resilience to Climate Change led by Moraima Pichardo (Executive Director of Cabarete Sostenible), Alfonso Peralta (Founder of Taino Studies) and Elizabeth Milagros Alvarez (graduate student)
  • Land Based Learning in Lenapehoking led by Joe Baker (Co-Founder of the Lenape Center) and Rachel Talbert (lecturer)

Please visit our Community-Driven Co-Production of Climate Knowledge Small Grant page for more information about each of these projects.