2020 Seed Grants Awarded

January 21, 2020

Seed grants are awarded to innovative interdisciplinary projects involving the study of science in society that require modest amounts of seed money to initiate collaborative research and programming. This year's projects all focus on our fifth-anniversary theme of "knowledge and access." Please join us in celebrating our sixth round of seed grant projects!

Our 2020 Seed Grant Projects:

  • Hiding in Plain Sight led by Vijay Ramesh (Graduate Student) and Pratik Dubal (Graduate Student)
  • Navigating the Era of Information Surplus: Who Knows Who Knows? led by Adam Calderon (Graduate Student) and Joseph Lap (Graduate Student)
  • Unto the Stage: An Exploration of Science Themes Through a Theatrical Perspective led by Alfredo Spagna (Lecturer), Juan Guerrero (Research Staff Assistant), and OH Prema (Undergraduate Student)
  • “What Do We Know?”: An Undergraduate Podcast led by Ben Wolman (Undergraduate Student) and Jace Steiner (Undergraduate Student)

Please visit our 2020 Seed Grants page for more information on each of these projects.