The Impact of Public Outreach Grants

November 02, 2022

Over five cycles, the Center for Science and Society has awarded more than $50,000 in Public Outreach Grants. These outreach and service projects have:

  • Helped boost public understanding of issues involving society and science, technology, and medicine
  • Taught K-12 students about current issues in science and society
  • Worked with communities to respond to issues that affect or are affected by science

Numbers help tell part of the grant program’s impact: more than 50% of grants are awarded to students, recipients come from 15+ departments, and 100% of awardees would recommend the program. But these metrics can’t tell the full story. For that, we turned to the recipients themselves. 

Watch the video above to hear more from three of our recent public outreach projects (BrainFood, Scientist on the Subway, and Environmental Justice and Urban Ecology Summer Research Program), featuring the projects' founders and participants. Hear from the following Public Outreach Projects:

  • BrainFood with co-founders Lisa Dinh (Public Programs Associate) and Melissa Lee (Postdoctoral Research Scientist)
  • Scientist on the Subway with co-founders Giulia Zanni (Postdoctoral Fellow in psychiatry) and Michelle Stackmann (PhD student in neurobiology and behavior)
  • Environmental Justice and Urban Ecology Summer Research Program with co-founder Roi Ankori-Karlinsky (PhD student in ecology, evolution, and environmental biology) and undergraduate instructors Moshab Rahman and Jada Tulloch.

Submissions for 2023 Public Outreach Grants are due November 28. Applications from students across Columbia University (including Barnard and Teachers College) are strongly encouraged! Awards range from $2,000 to $5,000. Please visit the call for applications for more information and email [email protected] with any questions.