2023 Public Outreach Grants Awarded

March 06, 2023
graphic of multicolored hands.

We are excited to announce our 2023 Public Outreach Grants. These funds support projects that develop public understanding of science in society, work with communities on issues that affect or are affected by science, or educate K-12 students about current issues in science and society.

Our 2023 Public Outreach Projects:

  • Climate Justice, Racial Equity, and Data Sovereignty: Tools to Address the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Relatives Crisis led by Kianna Pete (Undergraduate Student) in collaboration with the Urban Indigenous Collective, supports workshops and resources on data collection within Indigenous communities and how it can solve environmental problems. 
  • Development of Supporting Materials for the AI Toolkit for K-12 Art Educators led by Minne Atairu (EdD Student) will provide a set of tutorials, datasets, and worksheets for art teachers interested in incorporating AI technologies in their teachings. 
  • Worldmaking: from Colonialism to Climate Justice led by Dilshanie Perera (Postdoctoral Scholar) in collaboration with the Climate Museum, is a workshop series for New York City high school students interested on social science research and advocacy approaches to climate.

Please visit our 2023 Public Outreach Grants page for more information on these projects.