UN3931: Life at the End of Life | C. Blinderman, R. Pollack

American Studies
Undergraduate & Graduate Seminar
Th 4:10-6PM

This seminar is designed to provide opportunities for readings and reflections on the experience of volunteer service work in the “At Your Service” program at Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center. Students will learn how to critically reflect on their experiences at the health care center in the context of questions raised in the texts read in the seminar. Shared experiences and reflections on texts and interactions at TCC will enhance the critical reflection of all students engaged in the course. Students will experience what it means to be a long-term or short-term patient in a nursing home. Students will provide assistance and support, whether emotional or recreational, or by simply serving as the person consistently there for someone during chronic illness or at the end of their life.  At the core of this framework is the patient; however, it is important to think about the impact this will have on the student as well. Students will develop skills necessary to critically reflect on the significance of emotional care as a medical practitioner, as well as form a deeper understanding of the role of palliative care and comfort care in a life cycle of care. 

Prerequisites: At least one prior semester of volunteer work in a clinical setting relevant to the syllabus is recommended. Application required; see americanstudies.columbia.edu for details.

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