2018 Course Development Grants

Course Information:

  • Recipients: Adam Leeds (Assistant Professor of Slavic Languages)
  • Course Type: Seminar offered Fall 2020 (see course page for more information)

Course Description:

  • This course is an introduction to the history of cybernetics across the Iron Curtain. Cybernetics, a putative universal science of communication and control, has disappeared so completely that most have forgotten that it ever existed. 
  • Histories of particular technologies, scientific inventions, and academic disciplines will be juxtaposed to science fiction and film.
  • Students will gain familiarity with ways for telling non-linear histories that weave together technologies, ideas, institutions, and more diffuse cultural visions. They will also gain a new understanding of the postwar period - its institutions and inventions, its dreams and its nightmares - and thus of the present.

Course Information:

  • Recipient: Theodore Gordon (Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow/Lecturer in Music)
  • Course Type: Seminar offered Fall 2019 (see course page for more information)

Course Description

  • This class explored the long entanglement between music and electricity by examining instruments, texts, and practices often colloquially known as “electronic music”. 
  • Considering musical instruments as containers for technologies, techniques, ideologies, and material, it introduced students to the discipline of critical organology, which seeks both to study the history of musical instruments and ask larger questions about the role of science and technology in auditory culture. 
  • Pairing instruments with works produced with them, this class explored the concept of “electronic music” by reading each term - electronic, and music - through the other, considering what insights technology can add to the history of music, and what insights music can add to the history of technology. 

Course Information:

  • Recipients: Stuart Firestein (Professor of Biological Sciences) and Veronica Vieland (Vice President for Computational Research and the Director of the Battelle Center for Mathematical Medicine at The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Professor of Pediatrics and Statistics at the Ohio State University)
  • Course Type: Seminar offered 2019-2020 academic year


  • Evidence is a word that most people believe they comprehend. However, this tacit understanding of evidence may not be sufficient for epistemological assessment of data.
  • This course used science as a model to explore evidence-based interference by using sophisticated statistical reasoning, both historical and current, and analyze the problems and limitations of current reasoning tools while exploring new ideas in statistical analyses.
  • Additionally, the class utilized case histories and philosophical analyses of statistics, probability, and their relation evidence.