New Podcast from Center for Science and Society Seed Grant

August 20, 2020
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Check out the first episode of What Do We Know, a new podcast sharing stories at the intersection of science and society. Hosted and created by Ben Wolman and Kate Steiner and brought to listeners by a 2020 Science and Society Seed Grant

In this first episode, Ben and Kate explore blinded by the invisible: Why is it so difficult to acknowledge what we can’t see? From radiation to greenhouse gas to disease, we seem ill-equipped to reckon with problems too small or abstract to see with the naked eye. Inspired by recent reluctance to adequately prepare for and prevent the spread of COVID-19, this episode explores stories of invisible threats and inadequate responses.

Ben Wolman is a rising senior at Columbia majoring in earth and environmental sciences, while Kate Steiner is a rising junior studying astrophysics.