Grants! Grants! Grants!

February 22, 2021
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The Center for Science and Society is committed to supporting cross-disciplinary research, education, and dialogue, whether at the bench, inside the classroom, on Zoom, or in the field and beyond the Columbia campus. Among our programs, we’ve awarded over $160,000 in grants, funding various projects from faculty, students, and staff across the schools and institutes of Columbia University and Barnard College.

Seed grants, our longest-running program, support innovative and imaginative projects that blur the boundaries between the natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities. We are excited to announce our newest recipients. You can learn more about their projects on our website. 

2021 Seed Grant Awardees:

  • Beyond the Built: Rethinking Archival and Research Practices in Architecture led by Elliott Sturtevant (PhD Candidate) and Pamela Casey (Architecture Archivist)
  • The Politics of Vaccines and the Construction of Rumour and Knowledge in South Asia led by Karuna Vikram (Undergraduate Student) and Sajjad Zafar (Undergraduate Student)
  • Histories of Science in Africa led by Conor Wilkinson (PhD Student) and Jessie Cohen (PhD Student)

We are continuing to accept co-teaching grant proposals throughout the 2020-2021 academic year. Columbia faculty and lecturers are encouraged to submit ideas for new cross-disciplinary, co-taught courses. Accepted proposals recieve an initial $3,000 grant and administrative support in navigating the bureaucratic hurdles of teaching between departments. We recently awarded grants to two new Spring 2021 courses:

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma-Informed Care: An Interprofessional Service-Learning Experience taught by Virginia Rauh (Professor of Population and Family Health) and Maureen Allwood (Associate Professor of Psychology, John Jay College; Adjunct Associate Professor, Columbia University).
  • Seminar in Race, Climate Change, and Environmental Justice taught by Rhiannon Stephens (Associate Professor of History) and Maya Tolstoy (Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences) and developed by graduate student leaders in Earth and Environmental Sciences. 

If you have a project idea related to public outreach in science and society, our 2021 Public Outreach Grants Call for Applications is now open! Funding is available to students, faculty and other affiliates of Columbia University, Teachers College, and Barnard College. Projects should help boost public understanding of issues involving society and science, technology, and medicine; teach K-12 students about current issues in science and society; or work with communities to respond to issues that affect or are affected by science. Proposals are due March 19, 2021.

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Meanwhile, the Center and Institute Initiative to Enhance Remote Learning is now accepting video applications in lieu of a written description. Help reimagine online and hybrid courses for the 2020-21 academic year with grants available to those both teaching (instructors, TAs) and taking classes (all students) at Columbia and Barnard. We look forward to receiving creative proposals that aim to improve the online classroom experience and promote student engagement. Deadline rolling.

Looking for a postdoctoral position or professorship? Searching for funding or opportunities to share your work? We feature interdisciplinary opportunities from around the world; there is even a section dedicated to student opportunities.  

Learn more about Center funding opportunities via our websites or support these projects by making a donation today.