Center for New Narratives in Philosophy Volunteering Opportunities

March 01, 2018

The Center for New Narratives in Philosophy (CNNP) at the Center for Science and Society is excited to announce new volunteer opportunities and resources.

On February 25, 2018, CNNP hosted "The Pedagogy of Dignity: Teaching in Prisons" workshop supported by the Marc Sanders Foundation. After a day of panels and collaborative discussions with formerly incarcerated students and friends, activists, professors, graduate and undergraduate students, many participants were interested in volunteering further. This workshop also celebrated the launch of CNNP's Rethinking Justice Initiative (website forthcoming).

Cluster Leader Christia Mercer suggests the following programs for those interested in criminal justice reform:

  • Individuals 21 or older (or will be soon) are eligible to teach in the Rethinking Justice Initiative's Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center Mini-Course program. Fill out the Teaching in Prison Interest Form for more information.

  • For those who are unable to participate in the above teaching program, Easing Reentry (ER) is a Columbia University, student-led initiative that connects skilled volunteers with people returning home from jail and prison. Complete the Easy Reentry Interest Form for more information.

  • Project Pro Bono has a variety of volunteering opportunities located across the country.