2021 Seed Grants Awarded

February 11, 2021
Graphic of roots below a tree.

Seed grants are awarded to innovative interdisciplinary projects involving the study of science in society that require modest amounts of seed money to initiate collaborative research and programming. This year's projects all focus on our theme of "knowledge and access" and/or focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion in policies, systems, and spaces in science and society. Please join us in celebrating our seventh round of seed grant projects!

Our 2021 Seed Grant Projects:

  • Beyond the Built: Rethinking Archival and Research Practices in Architecture led by Elliott Sturtevant (Graduate Student) and Pamela Casey (Architecture Archivist)
  • Histories of Science in Africa led by Conor Wilkinson (Graduate Student) and Jessie Cohen (Graduate Student)
  • The Politics of Vaccines and the Construction of Rumour and Knowledge in South Asia led by Karuna Vikram (Undergraduate Student), and Sajjad Zafar (Undergraduate Student)

Please visit our 2021 Seed Grants page for more information on each of these projects.