Past Event

Nature at Your Doorstep: Celebrating the Public Participant in Research

April 12, 2019
10:00 AM - 12:15 PM
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New York Botanical Garden (Ross Lecture Hall), 2900 Southern Boulevard, New York

Event Description:

Amateur naturalists have been indispensable throughout the history of science and research of biodiversity on earth. The creation of The New York Botanical Garden and the programs of study that followed helped lay the foundation of the field of ecology in America.

Today, new technologies at everyone’s fingertips offer an exciting, accessible approach to naturalism. NYBG connects many people to plants through citizen science, which includes a unique humanities approach that generates new concepts, fosters enthusiasm, and develops research methods for today’s multidisciplinary audiences, encouraging all to think critically about global biodiversity.

This conversation will bring five speakers together to discuss various approaches to environmental scholar-and stewardship, exploring the growing force of citizen scientists regionally in the Bronx and New York. The ultimate goal is to foster a love of nature that leads to a more knowledgeable public and greater conservation action.

Event Speakers:

  • Sara Tjossem, Senior Lecturer, Center for Science and Society, Columbia University
  • Majora Carter, Founder of Sustainable South Bronx, President of Majora Carter Group LLC
  • Kerissa Battle, Community Greenways Collaborative
  • Carrie Seltzer, Stakeholder Engagement Strategist, iNaturalist
  • Jessica Schuler, Director of the Thain Family Forest, NYBG

Event Information:

Please RSVP through the NYBG website. Please enter the Garden through the Mosholu Entrance, 2950 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10458, and check in at Ross Hall.