Past Event

The Ligo Project – Science (as) Culture: Redefining Sex & Gender

May 3, 2017
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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The Commons Café, 388 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Throughout history, cultural expectations around gender identity have largely been influenced by one’s reproductive organs and the appearance of being ‘male’ or ‘female’. The discovery of the XX/XY chromosomes commonly known as ‘sex genes’, in mammals in 1959 further cemented a binary view of sex as the societal ‘norm’. Fast forward to today, with advancements in DNA sequencing and cellular biology, scientists have uncovered genetic underpinnings that point to sex not as binary but existing on a spectrum. The conflicting view of gender and sexual identity as either binary or a spectrum has become a central political and cultural debate and yet these new scientific insights have had little influence in these debates compared to those that contributed to the binary view.

We aim to discuss a wide range of intersecting topics that add to the complex societal hurdles around gender identity including the history of religious and cultural perspectives around sex, the role of science in shaping views on gender identity, and the intersection of psychology, religion, and social pressures. Ultimately, we conduct this discussion, looking back and to the present, with open curiosity regarding the role of science in leveraging cultural change.

Please join us for “Looking to the future, a 1000-year view: exploring creative collaborations to redefine sex and reshape societal perspectives on sex & gender” which will focus on how to change cultural and societal perspectives regarding sex & gender and redefining the ‘norms’.

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This event is sponsored by the Ligo Project.