Past Event

Gascia Ouzounian – Powers of Hearing: Acoustic Defense and Technologies of Listening during the First World War

April 6, 2017
12:15 PM - 2:00 PM
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Heyman Center for the Humanities Second Floor Common Room, 74 Morningside Drive, New York

Gascia Ouzounian, Associate Professor; Fellow and Tutor, Lady Margaret Hall; Lecturer at Brasenose College University of Oxford

Registration required; open exclusively to Columbia faculty, students, and invited guests. All others wishing to attend, please email [email protected] describing your interest and requesting registration. For more details, please visit the event’s website.

As a musicologist and violinist Gascia Ouzounian’s work is focused upon experimental music and sound art traditions of the last century. Her current book project examines concepts of acoustic space since the early 1800s, whether in connection to physiological studies of binaural audition, psychological studies of auditory perspective, early stereophonic technologies, wartime listening devices, multichannel electroacoustic composition, or contemporary forms of acoustic mapping. Her articles appear in many of the leading journals of contemporary music and art, including Computer Music Journal, Organised Sound, Leonardo Music Journal, Journal of Visual Culture, Journal of Architecture & Culture and Journal of the Society for American Music. She is Assistant Editor of Evental Aesthetics, a journal of art and philosophy.

This event was organized by David Gutkin and is sponsored by Society of Fellows in the Humanities.