Past Event

Consortium for History of Science, Technology and Medicine - 2016 Introductory Symposium

September 28, 2016
9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
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Benjamin Franklin Hall, American Philosophical Society, 427 Chestnut St, Philadelphia

Please join the Consortium for History of Science, Technolog, and Medicine for this year’s Introductory Symposium. Scholars from near and far will present their research, with ample time for discussion and interaction.

The Introductory Symposium is free and open to the public. All are invited and welcome to attend, and the event will be streamed online via the Consortium website.

Please register to attend in person. Registration is not required to watch online.

  • Sarah Basham, “Rethinking the Ontology of Chinese Encyclopedias: The Life and Times of Treatise on Military Preparedness (1621)”
  • Nicholas Bonneau, “Unspeakable Loss, Distempered Awakenings: North America’s Invisible Throat Distemper Epidemic of 1735 – 1765”
  • Paul Braff, “Enthroning Health: The National Negro Health Movement and the Fight to Control Public Health Policy in the African American Community, 1915-1950”
  • David J. Caruso, “Studying Scientists with Disabilities: Using Oral History and Ethnography to Capture Lived Experiences”
  • Cari Casteel, “The Odor of Things: Deodorant, Gender, and Olfaction in the United States”
  • Melissa Charenko, “‘The Science of Prophecy’? The Role of the Paleo-Disciplines in the Face of Anthropogenic Change, 1916-2015”
  • Erin Connelly, “Medieval Medicine for Modern Infections”
  • Rosanna Dent, “Studying Indigenous Brazil: The Xavante and the Human Sciences, 1958-2015”
  • Lynne T. Friedmann, “Ink Chemists of the Industrial Revolution”
  • Elaine LaFay, “Atmospheric Bodies: Medicine, Meteorology, and the Cultivation of Place in the Antebellum Gulf South”
  • Joseph Martin, “What Don’t We Know about Industry-Academia Relations in Cold War America?”
  • Kirsten Moore-Sheeley, “Nothing but Nets: The History of Insecticide-Treated Nets, 1980-Present”
  • Ingemar Pettersson, “Masters of Flavor: Sensory Analysis and High-Industrial Food”
  • Alicia Puglionesi, “The Astonishment of Experience: Americans and Psychical Research, 1885-1935”
  • Agnieszka Rec, “Blood is Thicker than Aqua Regia: Alchemical Networks in Sixteenth-Century Central and Eastern Europe”
  • Felix Rietmann, “Visualizing the Mind: Moving Images and the Mind Sciences of the Child”
  • Michelle Smiley, “Becoming Photography: The American Development of a Medium”
  • Kacey Stewart, “Scripted Nature: The Aesthetics of Field Guides”
  • Oscar Moisés Torres Montúfar, “Miners, Oilmen and Chemists: Globalization and Technology in Mexican Sulphur Industry (1933-1972)”