U6230: Corporate Sustainability and Role of Government | J. Potent

International and Public Affairs
Graduate Seminar
Th 2:10-4PM

In the climate, biodiversity and COVID-19 challenged world that corporate leaders now find themselves, corporate sustainability is beginning to and indeed must take hold. To this end, we will explore from an environmental management perspective the underpinnings and elements of corporate sustainability. We will examine how this field has evolved over the past 20 years and its potential to stand as a centrally important tool to achieve financial goals through the provision of goods and services that meet individual, societal and environmental needs now and well into the future. We will embrace a systems approach, grounded in an understanding of a corporation's interconnections and interdependencies with the natural world and its broad array of internal and external stakeholders, to reveal business models that are inherently resilient and regenerative. We will also address the role of government and the significant challenges faced by public officials in advancing this critically important agenda.

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