GU4962: Making and Knowing in Early Modern Europe | P. Smith

Graduate and Undergraduate Laboratory Seminar
W 10:10AM-12PM

This course introduces undergraduate and graduate students to the materials, techniques, contexts, and meanings of skilled craft and artistic practices in early modern Europe (1350-1750), in order to reflect upon a series of topics, including craft knowledge and artisanal epistemology; the intersections between craft and science; and questions of historical methodology in reconstructing the material world of the past. The course will be run as a “Laboratory Seminar,” with discussions of primary and secondary materials, as well as hands-on work in a laboratory. Using Edition of Fr. 640 as its focus, the course will test the use of the Edition to inform the development of Phase II of the Making and Knowing Project - a Research and Teaching Companion. This course is associated with the Making and Knowing Project of the Center for Science and Society at Columbia University. Students’ final projects (exploratory and experimental work in the form of digital/textual analysis of Ms. Fr. 640, reconstruction insight reports, videos for the Companion, or a combination) will be published as part of the Companion or the Sandbox depending on content and long-term maintenance considerations.

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