GU4700: Race: The Tangled History of a Biological Concept | J. Shapiro

Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology
Undergraduate and Graduate Lecture
M 4:10-6PM and W 4:10-7PM

This course examines the history of race as a biological concept. Using the framework of physical/biological anthropology, the field whose birth is synonymous with the study of human variation, students will examine the complex relationship between the scientific study of biological differences, real, imagined, or invented and the historical and cultural factors involved in the development and expression of "racial ideas". Exposure to and immersion in primary source material is a central aspect of this course. At each step students will delve into the writings of the time to examine the views of the scientific community, and in turn, to see how these views were integrated into the beliefs of the larger population. Concomitantly, students will also read broader synthetic and analytic works on the subject.

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