Past Conference Information - Food, Farming, and Sustainability

September 13, 2018
Kellogg Center in the International Affairs Building, Columbia University

photos from food farming conference

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The Environmental Sciences and Humanities Research Cluster proudly presented “Food, Farming, and Sustainability.” With approximately 815 million people around the world currently undernourished and the global population expected to grow by 2 billion by 2050, two of the most pressing issues that humanity will face over the next 30 years is 1) the trend towards global hunger and 2) our ability to create innovative and equitable solutions to feeding the global population. Given that these issues are multidimensional and therefore cannot be solved through the lens of any one discipline, we convened an interdisciplinary conference to look at the cultural, economic, and environmental aspects of sustainability in our food system. This one-day conference included a mix of panel discussions and individual presentations. 

Organized by: Shahid Naeem (Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology; Columbia University), Sara Tjossem (International and Public Affairs; Columbia University), and Roshana Nabi (Center for Science and Society).