Job Opportunity: Logistics Event Coordinator for An[0]ther {AI}ra in Art Summit

March 12, 2019


  • Essential:
    • Excellent organizational skills with attention to detail
    • Experience in project management.
    • Ability to prioritize work under pressure and meet deadlines.
    • Laptop, internet connection, skype account.
    • Proficiency in maintaining key relationships, strong interpersonal and communication skills and decision-making abilities
    • High levels of initiative, able to manage teams, budgets, and timelines
    • Able to work remotely and collaboratively using Asana and Google Drive
  • Preferred:
    •  Knowledge of AI and/or emerging technologies in the arts


$2,000 for completion of the project [paid in half 3 weeks into the project and in full at the completion of the project].


An[0]ther {AI}ra is an intimate gathering of diverse and socially conscious artists, technologist, community and tech industry leaders from the New York area and around the world. The summit will address gaps and challenges at the intersection of artistic and critical inquiry, and artificial intelligence. The program will mine diverse perspectives in the ongoing discourse between citizen-users and the technology-making industry. We seek to build a common understanding of the present and propose a radical view of the future – one that incorporates the voices of those historically excluded from participating in cultural dialogue, let alone shaping it.

The summit will :

  • UNITE visionary practitioners, scholars, institutional stakeholders, and community and tech industry leaders 
  • UNPACK philosophical and social issues deriving from the use of AI in art making and the role of artists and the art world ecosystem in shaping the promise of technological development 
  • PRODUCE and publish a set of guiding principles around the use of AI within the art world that present a radical vision of the future 
  • DOCUMENT our approach, process, and findings to the public.

The Logistics Event Coordinator will work closely with the Curator, Amir Baradaran, and the Executive Producer, Miriam Grill, to coordinate the logistics of the summit. You will also be responsible for supporting the Strategic Partnership Lead and Video Manager.


Email to [email protected] with a cover letter that explains why you are the best person for the job and your resume before March 12, 2019.