GR6410: Art, History, and Neuroscience: The Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproducibility | D. Freedberg

Art History
Graduate and Advanced Undergraduate Lecture
Tu 4:00-6:00PM

This course will assess the potential of the cognitive neurosciences to illuminate critical problems in the humanities and the history of art and images. Until very recently, such an integrative approach was viewed with deep skepticism. Even now, the epistemological divide remains an obstacle, on the grounds that the reductionism of sciences militates against the contextual sensitivity regarded as central to the humanities. The course will focus on emotional and embodied responses to images. It will consider the implications for the concept of art in our digital environments, and for understanding the effects of images – from empathy to propaganda, from aura to indifference, from absorption to habituation, and from engagement to detachment.

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