Call for Submissions: Unfiguring: Experiments in the Practice of Science and Art, Harvard University

February 1, 2024


Open to students, scholars, and artists


The Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard University is accepting paper abstracts for the March 21-23, 2024 conference, Configuring: Experiments in the Practice of Science and Art. Building on the entwined histories of science and art, Unfiguring will be an experimental space for those curious about the expansive realm of possibilities where the boundaries between the arts and sciences blur. What would it look like for scientific research to take its form as a performance, sculpture, film, immersive projection experience, or literary manuscript? How can scientific communities recognize and attribute credit for such works? Through exchange of ideas, practices, and experiences, this conference will allow scientists to envision how they could approach their work more expansively and all participants to gain a broader sense of possible futures for science.


Please visit the posting webpage for complete application requirements. Please email [email protected]¬†with any questions.