Call for Submissions: CHCI Health and Medical Humanities Network Summer Institute 2020

January 15, 2020


The Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes' Health and Medical Humanities Network is a partnership of over 30 universities worldwide working in the medical and health humanities. Its 2020 Summer Institute will be hosted by the University of Southern Denmark, with the theme, “Space, Place and Design in the Medical and Health Humanities.”

The consortium invites proposals for 15-minute papers (350-word abstracts), and for complete panels (350-word abstracts for each paper accompanied by a cover-letter describing the aims of the panel as a whole). All papers are subject to the vetting of the conference committee.


Please send all all proposals to Research Assistant Tine Riis Andersen ([email protected]). All proposals must include your name, academic affiliation (if any), and preferred email address. Questions may be addressed to Associate Professor Anders Juhl Rasmussen ([email protected]). Please visit the posting webpage for more information.