Call for Applications: University Academic Fellow in Urban Analytics, University of Leeds

October 31, 2018


Your career to date will demonstrate significant research expertise in urban analytics, including a PhD (or equivalent qualification) in computational geography, urban modelling or a relevant field connected to data analytics or machine learning. With a clear and compelling plan that will deliver academic and more general impact at an international level, you will have a clear strategy to connect with different research groups.


Cities have emerged as the dominant form of economic and social organization at a global scale. The new science of urban analytics envisions step changes in the health, prosperity, welfare, and quality of life of city inhabitants, through the extraction of value from new and emerging forms of data, and by the development and deployment of methods in artificial intelligence and data science.

As a long-established global peak of excellence for spatial analysis and geocomputation, Leeds is taking a leading role in driving the international research agenda for urban analytics. We are looking for a future research leader with the capability, inventiveness, and initiative to work alongside our established team in driving this activity to higher levels. Whilst your research interests may be entirely novel, it is likely that they will be complementary to one or more of the challenge areas in which our research is currently focused, including methods related to:

  • modeling and simulation of individual behavior
  • urban dynamics, e.g. mobility in real-time or migration over longer time periods
  • using and adapting approaches from artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand cities
  • a concern for practical applications of the science with real-world impact for policy and urban living, in domains including but not limited to health, transport, crime and retailing

You will also have the opportunity to develop international collaborations and relationships by working with scientists overseas at our partner Universities. This position will, therefore, provide outstanding new networks for an ambitious individual to deliver an exceptional programme of research innovation. You will also be a member of the School of Geography’s world-leading Centre for Spatial Analysis and Policy.


Please visit the job posting webpage to apply. 

Please contact the persons below with any questions:

  • Professor Alison Heppenstall, Professor of Geocomputation; Tel: +44 (0)113 343 6631; Email: [email protected]
  • Dr Nick Malleson, Associate Professor in Geographical Information Science; Tel: +44(0) 113 343 5248; Email: [email protected]