Call for Applications: Postdoctoral Researcher in Technical Art History, Utrecht University

November 11, 2020


Applicants are expected to hold a doctoral degree in a discipline with a clear relevance to the research project (e.g. (Technical) Art History, Conservation & Restoration, History of Science and Technology/Knowledge). Applicants must have an excellent command of English (the common language of the program) and be able to read a European language. 


The monthly salary ranges between €3,353 and €5,127 and includes benefits. The position can be held for up to three years. 


A postdoctoral position is available within the research program Dynamics of the Durable: A History of Durability in the Visual and Decorative Arts (DURARE) at Utrecht University. The Materials Aging and the Science of Permanent Arts project investigates how scientists began to study the aging properties of paints and coating materials to help contemporary artists and restorers understand the relative permanency of the materials produced by the industry.

The researcher will work closely together with the PI and the other researchers in the project in Utrecht and will have the opportunity to fill in or expand on the project, based on her/his expertise, and in consultation with the PI.


Please visit the application posting for full instructions. 

For more information please contact the principal investigator, Dr Marjolijn Bol at [email protected].