Call for Applications: Biomedical Data Science Innovation Lab

January 31, 2022
11:59 PM


Open to candidates in the quantitative and data sciences or biomedical fields, specifically involving AI methods or ethics, and at the late-stage post-doctoral and early-stage junior faculty levels.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has great potential to assist in biomedical decision making. However, such systems are not immune from making erroneous recommendations, struggling to maintain patient privacy, and which give rise to vexing questions about their suitability across genders, ethnic, or cultural communities. The goal of the 2021-2022 Biomedical Data Science Innovation Lab is to foster the formation of new interdisciplinary collaborations which will generate creative strategies for addressing ethics of artificial intelligence in biomedicine.

Selected participants will attend virtual microlabs along with a five-day in-person event from June 13-17, 2022. Travel and hotel expenses are covered. 


Please visit the posting webpage for complete application information.