BC3815: The Worlds of Ntozake Shange and Digital Storytelling | K. Hall

Africana Studies
Undergraduate Seminar
Th 12:10-2PM

A poet, performance artist, playwright and novelist, Ntozake Shange's stylistic innovations in drama, poetry and fiction and attention to the untold lives of black women have made her an influential figure throughout American arts and in Feminist history.  This semester will examine Shange's works in the context of political and artistic organizing by women of color in the 1970s and 80s. In addition to our analysis of primary texts, students will be introduced to archival research in Ntozake Shange’s personal archive at Barnard College. This in-depth exploration of Shange's work and milieu is complemented with an introduction to digital tools, public research, and archival practice.

Prerequisites: Interested students should complete the application at http://bit.ly/Ntozake2019. Students should have taken a course beyond the intro level from one of the following areas: American Literature (through the English Department), Africana Studies, American Studies, Theatre or Women's Studies.

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