Past Event

‘Moonlight’ Science Lunch Discussion – Columbia University

March 31, 2017
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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1332 Pupin Hall, Columbia University, New York

On March 31st, from 12pm-1pm in the classroom 1332 Pupin Hall the first of a new, roughly fortnightly, “Moonlight Lunch” series will be held – a joint astronomy & astrobiology effort.

The Moonlight Lunch will be a different kind of science discussion. Instead of focussing on areas that participants specialize in, we’ll talk about the most intriguing, puzzling, and exciting pieces of science that we’ve stumbled across in the preceding days. And we’ll find out whether our group brain power can apply itself usefully to elucidate and elaborate on these topics. It could be a discovery in quantum computing, a new type of octopus behavior, or a mystery in chemistry. We’ll encourage topics to be fascinating and strange, or “big” in scope – or both (emergent gravity or crazy exoplanet systems all fit the bill).

Please come along, bring your lunch, and an open mind. Interested colleagues in other disciplines are welcomed.