Past Event

Janelle Knox-Hayes - The Equitable Resilience Framework

April 14, 2022
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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Faculty House (Garden Room), Columbia University, New York

Event Description

The Equitable Resilience Framework (ERF) provides analysis and tools to make strategies of climate mitigation and adaptation a more equitable, just, and effective. The framework strives to generate long-term economic, social, cultural, and environmental transformations. Developed in collaboration with specific communities in the greater Boston region, the ERF combines a capabilities approach with enhanced tradeoff analysis and knowledge convergence to bring community, academic, industry and policy stakeholders together in generating and implementing resilience solutions. The ERF addresses the technocratic shortcomings that have historically guided resilience projects. By reconceptualizing the linkages between resilience and equity in communities the ERF gives researchers and practitioners better theoretical and practical tools for applying resilience to interconnected social systems across different timescales. The ERF facilitates just solutions while empowering communities that are often overburdened by environmental injustice and climate change impacts.

Event Speaker

Janelle Knox-Hayes, Lister Brothers Associate Professor of Economic Geography and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Event Information

Open to Columbia University affiliates. Registration required. For more information, please email Adrienne Kenyon at [email protected]. Please visit the Faculty House website for directions.

Hosted by the Columbia Climate School