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An Exploration of Structural Racism and its Effect on the Practice of Psychiatry in the US Correctional System

October 15, 2020
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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Event Description

In this presentation, Nadia Oryema and Lauren Stossel will review historical precedents and societal structures that have contributed to the development of structural racism in the US correctional system. They will review race-related risk factors for incarceration, policies and practices that have contributed to mass incarceration of Black and Brown people. Nadia Oryema and Lauren Stossel will consider Correctional Psychiatry as it is provided in jails and prisons in addition to its intersection with treatment provided to those with criminal justice involvement in outpatient clinics, emergency rooms and inpatient units. The event will explore how racism contributes to disparities in psychiatric care in these settings. Finally, the speakers will discuss how psychiatrists can combat racial inequity in the criminal legal system and in the treatment of incarcerated individuals with mental illness.

Event Speakers

  • Nadia Oryema, Clinical Assistant Professor at New York University
  • Lauren Stossel, Clinical Assistant Professor at New York University

Event Information

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Hosted by the New York County Psychiatric Society