Past Event

Climate Emotions and the Practice of Psychotherapy

December 8, 2022
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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Climate Museum Pop-Up, 120 Wooster Street, New York

Event Description

As we confront the compounding crises of the last several years, and as direct experience of climate disruption broadens and intensifies, grief and other painful emotions have become a shared condition for many. Further, the deferral and suppression of these feelings has long contributed to the astounding gap between the percentage of US adults who are worried about the climate crisis—65% in 2021—and who speak about it even a little–35%. This gap must be closed. 

The field of psychotherapy has begun to orient toward understanding how individuals process the climate crisis. This dialogue will consider what it takes to feel meaningfully connected with others on the existential, tangible, and inequitable effects of climate change while grappling with the daily challenges of living within environments that are often individualistic and siloed. 

Event Information

Free and open to the public; registration required via the event webpage. Hosted by the Climate Museum