Past Event

Apollonya Porcelli – “Esoteric” Science and Peru’s New Left: How the Labor Movement Shaped Environmental Discourse

March 26, 2018
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Knox Hall Room #501D, Columbia University, 606 W 122nd Street, New York

Speaker: Apollonya Porcelli, Brown University

This workshop series is primarily designed to assist advanced graduate students with their ongoing research projects. The workshop aims to expose participants to original approaches to social studies of science and technology, but also to expose students to solutions to common challenges of academic work. We aim to provide a supportive environment offering feedback and advice on all aspects of academic work, from devising and conducting research, to producing written texts of all kinds (grant applications, dissertation proposals and publications). Please contact the organizer, Larry Au, [email protected], if you do not have a Columbia ID and would like to attend.

Apollonya Porcelli of Brown University studies the intersection of science, culture, and politics within fisheries throughout the Americas, including New England, Peru, and Nicaragua. Their work straddles, blurs, and complicates the nature/culture divide as I seek to understand how we generate knowledge about the natural world, turn it into policy, and then how those policies have cultural and ecological implications. Their dissertation in Sociology is an environmental history of the Peruvian anchovy fishery, exploring the ways that networks of expertise, cyclical climatic and ecological events, and social movements are inter-related. The goal of this dissertation is to bring the ocean under the purview of political and environmental sociology on extractive industries, and to demonstrate the utility of a network approach to understanding environmental governance.

This event is sponsored by the Department of Sociology at Columbia University.