GR9810: Race, Climate Change, and Environments | H. Assali

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Graduate Seminar
Tu Th 10:10-11:25PM

This course explores environmental justice (EJ) through an anti-colonial lens that centers the perspectives of dispossessed communities in different places around the world. A key question we will address alongside selected reading and discussion topics: how do we decolonize our research? Students will be trained in community-based research methods. The seminar will also follow and contribute to the community-based projects that we have been working with in New Orleans for the past 3 semester. The Black School is our main partnering organization, which is embarking on a lead abatement project as well as collaborating with the Lincoln Beach Restoration project. Seed funds have been allocated for this work, and we will continue to learn about how to do meaningful community-based work through these examples while identifying ways students can contribute to their efforts.

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