UN3305: Red Planet: Science Fiction | E. Rose

Slavic Languages
Undergraduate Lecture
Tu Th 4:10-5:25PM

This syllabus is designed as a counterweight to mitigate the marginalization of Science Fiction (and genre literature in general) not only within the Slavic department’s course offerings, but throughout the academy at large. I have conceived this course in response to the prevailing pedagogical deference to a canon that excludes most “mass market” cultural production. In recent decades, what has historically been critically dismissed as a lowbrow literary form has enjoyed some spirited rehabilitation in critical circles. This shift owes much credit to theorists such as Darko Suvin, Fredric Jameson and Donna Haraway. It also reflects contemporary culture’s intensifying urgency for a critical apparatus adequate to tackle dilemmas of technology as a force that has profoundly infiltrated social forms. In my experience, this shift in popular consciousness has not yet been reflected in tangible departmental course offerings.

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