UN2650: Introduction to Cultural Psychology | V. Purdie-Vaughns

Undergraduate Lecture
MW 10:10-11:25AM

This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to general theories and methods related to culture and diversity. The class will explore psychological and political underpinnings of culture and diversity, emphasizing social psychological approaches. Principal goals of the course will include developing critical thinking skills related to identity-based research. Students will learn basic knowledge of course topics through the textbook and lectures. This course will begin with an introduction to cultural psychology. During initial weeks, we will emphasize psychological theories that link culture to mental processes (i.e., affect, cognition, attitudes). Next, lectures will focus on specific topics that bridge cultural psychology and basics concepts related to multiculturalism. Topics include: group and identity formation, stereotyping, prejudice, stigma, and intergroup contact. Finally, the course will end with an interrogation of multiculturalism and psychological approaches to the study of diversity. The course will culminate in a group project where students apply their knowledge to critique community programs that are based on topics learned in the course.

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