Metropolis of Science

Old map of New York City with color coded neighborhoods

Metropolis of Science is a web-based mapping project that explores the history of science and technology in New York City with the goal of engaging the public. Stories can be sorted by scientific disciplines, areas or time periods. Visitors can use them to take a tour of significant places in their own neighborhood or get a sense of the discoveries that defined an era. Content on the site and application is produced by students of Columbia University’s Science Journalism MA program.

Metropolis of Science began several years ago as a project developed by Professor Marguerite Holloway (Also a member of the Center for Science and Society Advisory Board) for students in Columbia University’s Science Journalism MA program. Co-taught by natural scientists, this yearlong seminar had a strong emphasis on the history of science. Students were asked to find an engaging topic and to research it; each then contributed a short report, slide show, or audio story, along with visual images. The project was designed to be iterative, with a new set of students each year adding new material to the digital archive. The Center for Science and Society supported the Metropolis of Science Project in its final three years of development.