Job Opportunity: Predoctoral Fellowships in Visualizing Science in Media Revolutions, Max Planck Institute

April 3, 2020


Must have excellent verbal and written knowledge of English


The Max Planck Research Group "Visualizing Science in Media Revolutions," based at the Bibliotheca Hertziana in Rome, examines how scientific practitioners visualize their ideas, illustrate their working methods and communicate their observations, with a specific focus on the early modern period. By comparing media, tools, and modes of communication in different fields of early modern science, such as medicine, architecture, astronomy, and mathematics, the members of this research group will investigate the impact of new media on the visual communication of science. As a group of historians with expertise in the study of media, visualization, and (the history of) science, the Research Group also investigates the impact of current new digital media and tools on (our own) working practices in the humanities and sciences. 

The group is looking for one candidate who is working on the medieval/early modern period, and one candidate working on how digital technologies have impacted recent and contemporary scientific research. 


Please visit the application webpage for additional information.