Job Opportunity: Postdoctoral Researcher, Darmstadt University of Technology

August 21, 2020


Applicants must have completed a PhD. Applicants need to have experience from archival research in Latin American, Asian, or African history of technology. The project language is English. 


A two-year funded position, including funds for travels, publications, and research assistance. The position includes health insurance and social security.


The Darmstadt University of Technology announces a postdoctoral research position in the global history of material culture and technology. The successful candidate will become a member of a larger project called “A Global History of Technology, 1850–2000." The project investigates the history of material culture and artifacts in various parts of the world from 1850 to 2000. The researchers investigate the persistent use of indigenous technologies along with globalized ones, as well as the emergence of hybrid solutions. The goal is to increase our understanding of the relationship between the development and use of technologies in the West (Europe and North America) on the one hand and the East and the South (Asia, Africa, Latin America) on the other. 

The applicant is required to contribute actively to the success of the research project as a whole, e.g., by participating in regular meetings, coordinating their time and work plans with the team, co-authoring articles, and helping with publicity and the organization of events. 


Please visit the posting webpage for full application requirements. Please email Mikael Hård at [email protected] with any questions.