Job Opportunity: Associate Professor and Director of the International Longevity Center, Columbia University

July 1, 2021


Candidates must have a PhD or professional terminal degree. 


The Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center is a university-wide center for research and education and policy for aging societies and home of the International Longevity Center USA. The International Longevity Center USA advocate for the needs and rights of older adults through research and social and policy action, and aims is to build on this unique intellectual legacy. As Associate Professor and Director, the position focuses on identifying, fostering, and building the policy and practice infrastructure, programs for practice and societal institutions to enable the health and social capital of longer lives. The candidate will be responsible for delivering on the policy vision of the International Longevity Center USA and manage institutional relationships relating to this role. 


Please visit the posting webpage for complete application instructions. Please contact Rosine Moussaat [email protected] with any questions.