GR6340: The Future(s) of the Global Economy and Society | L. Tvrdy

Committee on Global Thought
Graduate Seminar
M 12:10-2PM

This course will introduce students to the technological, economic, social and political forces that are ushering in a new set of Global Future(s). It will also introduce students to innovative tools and methods to help meet the challenges that the Global Future(s) present. We will begin by examining the historical development of global trade and economic governance and then guide students to the leading edge of the Global Future(s). The subject areas we will explore include the changing nature of capitalism, economic production and the nature of work. We will also examine how the rapid rate of innovation in science and technology will affect the Global Future(s). The course will focus on the effects of global change at the individual as well as the institutional levels. Students will learn the elements of Design Thinking and how to use it to rapidly prototype (minimum viable) solutions to problems of the Global Future(s).

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