GR5129: Landscape: Multispecies Approaches | Z. Crossland

Graduate Seminar
Tu 4:10-6PM

What might a multi-species approach bring to the study of landscape? How might we reconfigure place-making narratives that center on the human to offer instead stories of place’s emergence through the entanglements of different forms of life and nonlife? What forms of recognition and erasure are caught up in such a de-centered ecology? This course brings the longstanding literature on place-making together with the recent move toward multispecies anthropology. Our aim will be to explore both the limits and the possibilities of such a conjunction: variously, in its potential to offer alternate narrative modalities, in the quality of attention that it brings to different forms of dwelling, and in its questioning of assumed ontological and epistemological commitments, however defined.

Perquisites: Instructor’s permission required.

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