Call for Presentations: Thinking Outer Space, New York University Berlin

March 15, 2023


New York University Berlin is accepting presentation abstract submissions for the July 2023 conference, Thinking Outer Space. How we understand our diverse relationships to outer space is of vital importance today when it has become the site of new waves of geopolitical competition and commercial speculation. State and corporate plans for colonizing the Moon and Mars have captured the public imagination and budgets alike, while the threat of military confrontation and environmental destruction beyond Earth is rapidly expanding. Examining how philosophers and thinkers from a variety of intellectual traditions conceived, comprehended and communicated outer space is crucial to contextualizing the so-called ‘new’ Space Age. The endeavor will help to understand the intellectual and ethical foundations for contemporary interest in planetarity and what some believe to be a dawning Second Space Age. A small number of travel and accommodation grants are available. 


Please visit the posting webpage for complete application requirements. Please email Alexander Geppert at [email protected] and Rory Rowan at [email protected] with any questions.