Call for Papers: Virtuosity. Ethics and Aesthetics of the Technical Gesture Conference

May 30, 2020


TThe ambition of this conference is to provoke the meeting and dialogue of different approaches to the technical gesture, departing from a category of gestures that one can call virtuoso. This refers to the attitude of discreetly drawing the attention to the act itself of the production; virtuosity being considered as the primacy given to a metatechnique. The phenomenon will be examined in the field of the construction studies, but also in all the arts and crafts of pre-industrial times (from painting to music and dance, through the art of gardens, cabinet work, goldsmith or textile). Scholars are invited to submit papers for this conference, to be held January 14-16, 2021 at the Institut national d'histoire de l'art in Paris. 


Proposals for papers should be sent to Jean-Marie Guillouët ([email protected]) and Valérie Nègre ([email protected]) in the form of a summary of a maximum of 2,000 characters. They must be accompanied by a short one-page CV.

Please visit the online posting for full application instructions.