Call for Papers: Journal of Religion and Demography

October 30, 2018


Every year, data on religious adherents around the world are collected through censuses, surveys, polls, religious communities, scholars, and a host of other sources. These data are collated and analyzed by research centers and scholars around the world. Large amounts of data appear in analyzed form in the World Religion Database (Brill) and World Christian Database (Brill), aiming at a researcher’s audience.

The peer-reviewed Journal of Religion and Demography presents information on the state of religious statistics around the world in sets of well-arranged tables and scholarly articles. Disciplines represented in the first (2014), second (2015), third (2016), and fourth (2017) issues (previously the Yearbook of International Religious Demography) include social science, demography, history, and geography. Each issue provides summaries of findings, sources, methods, and implications surrounding international religious demography. The JRAD is published twice a year, in February and August.

The JRAD is primarily aimed at scholars, government officials, journalists, and others who are interested in the numbers of religious adherents in countries, regions, and globally. Scholars in other disciplines are increasingly interested in religious demographics and how such data impacts their particular fields of study. The JRAD is distinguished by its comprehensive character and exacting scholarly standards and is the first journal of its kind.

Articles submitted to the JRAD should demonstrate uses of religious statistics, discuss methodological challenges related to quantitative data on religion, or illustrate various ways of utilizing international religious demography. Authors are encouraged to choose subjects that highlight new ways of using religious demographic data and its application to other fields (social science, anthropology, international relations, etc.). The editors encourage articles that focus on religions and regions outside of Western settings. 


Articles should be roughly 5,500 words in length. For further information and guidelines for writers, contact Gina Zurlo at [email protected].