Call for Papers: Fire Management in the Early Modern Age, University of Neuchâtel

February 28, 2021


Open to all scholars. Submissions from early-career researchers – graduate students and postdoctoral researchers – are warmly welcome.


Funding will be available to cover accommodation expenses and meals (travel expenses will not be covered). 


In the early modern age, the question of fire management was central to the evolution of scientific practices, including applied physics and chemistry, but also to the development of technology, especially in fields where the transformation of matter through heating played a central role, such as artisanal practices (brewing, glasswork, ferrous metallurgy) and cooking. In the technological sphere, the question of fire management was closely related to economic issues, since the technical organization of households, laboratories and manufactures had to comply with the management of material resources (materials, fuel) and the rationalization of time and labor (reducing the waste while enhancing productivity). The aim of the workshop "Fire Management in the Early Modern Age" is to reflect on the question of fire management in the period 1600-1800, along three lines of inquiry: the knowledge of fire; the technology of fire; and the economy of fire management. 


Abstracts (either in English or in French) of no more than 500 words should be sent to [email protected]. Hosted by the Time Measurement, Chemistry, and Cooking Project at the University of Neuchâtel.