Call for Applications: Scholars in the School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study

October 15, 2019


Requirements include a substantial record of publication and a PhD awarded by no later than December 31, 2018. (Scholars with a PhD awarded in 2019 are expected to wait at least one year before applying.) The School takes into account the stage of the scholar’s academic career when evaluating the list of publications, but applicants should have at least several articles already in print in scholarly publications in order to be considered eligible. Qualified candidates of any nationality are invited to apply. Scholars are not required to have a current institutional affiliation. 


The School of Historical Studies supports scholarship in all fields of historical research, but is concerned principally with the history of western, near eastern and Asian civilizations, with particular emphasis upon Greek and Roman civilization, the history of Europe (medieval, early modern, and modern), the Islamic world, East Asian studies, art history, the history of science, and late modern history with a special emphasis on the history of international relations. The School also offers the Edward T. Cone Membership in Music Studies. Each year the School welcomes approximately forty Members selected on the basis of both external and internal review. Most are working on topics in the above mentioned fields, but each year the School also selects some scholars working in other areas of historical research. Members in the School are appointed for either one term or for two terms, amounting to a full academic year.

The Institute for Advanced Study is an independent private institution founded in 1930 to create a community of scholars focused on intellectual inquiry, free from teaching and other university obligations. Each year scholars from around the world apply to come to the Institute to pursue their own research. Members receive access to the extensive resources of the Institute, including offices, access to libraries, subsidized restaurant and housing facilities, and some secretarial services.


Further information and membership application materials may be found on the School’s website, where application materials for the 2020-2021 academic year are posted. Inquiries may be sent by email to the Director of Membership Programs at [email protected] or by post to: Member Programs, School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study, Einstein Drive, Princeton, New Jersey 08540.

More information on the position may be found on The Institute of Advanced Study's website.