Call for Applications: NEH Postdoctoral Fellowship, Consortium for History of Science, Technology, and Medicine

December 18, 2018


The Consortium’s NEH Postdoctoral Fellowship is available to scholars who are US citizens or permanent residents. Applicants must have a Ph.D., or have completed by the application deadline all requirements for a Ph.D. except for the actual conferral of the degree.


The Consortium’s NEH Postdoctoral Fellow receives a stipend of $37,800.


Complete applications must be submitted online no later than December 18, 2018. Letters of recommendation are due by January 1, 2019. Instructions will be sent to these scholars upon receipt of an application, but applicants should let their recommenders know to have a letter ready for submission.


The Consortium offers NEH Postdoctoral Fellowships for scholars in the history of science, technology or medicine who would like to use collections at two or more institutions in the Consortium. NEH Postdoctoral Fellows are expected to spend the academic year at the Consortium facilities in Philadelphia, participate in our events and conduct research at two or more Consortium member institutions. 

When evaluating applications, the Consortium considers two primary criteria:

  • The potential to make significant contributions to scholarship: The significance of the project with respect to existing literature should be clear.
  • The appropriateness of the project to the collections of member institutions: The application form requires listing materials to be accessed in the collections of member institutions. If the requested items are available elsewhere or online, the application should explain why access to physical materials or variants at member institutions is required for the project. The best way to address this criterion is to contact the library and archive staff at the institutions you would like to visit for your research.

As fellowship awards involve research, the most successful applications will demonstrate strong familiarity with member collections and make a compelling argument for the importance of those collections to the proposed project. It is advisable to communicate directly with member institution librarians and archivists to identify relevant collections.


All applicants must submit online:

  • An abstract limited to 150 words
  • A description of resources at two or more Consortium member institutions that the prospective fellow would like to use
  • And, as a single PDF file, single-spaced, in Times New Roman font, no smaller than 11 pt type with at least 1” margins: a Curriculum Vitae limited to 3 pages; a project description limited to 4 pages explaining the research project and how it will advance scholarship in the history of science, technology or medicine; and a secondary literature bibliography up to 2 pages

Please contact [email protected] with any questions regarding fellowships or visit the posting page